Next-Generation Digital Marketing Done For You

Our team will manage your ads, generate your leads, retarget your database, and grow your business online.

Select your budget to get started.


$250 Management Fee

$750 Total Ads spend Billed Monthly

No contract, No setup fee.

Buyer or Seller Leads

Database Retargeting

Facebook & Instagram Ads


$250 Management Fee

$1250 Total Ads spend Billed Monthly

No contract, No setup fee.

Buyer or Seller Leads

Database Retargeting

Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads


$250 or 20% of ad management fee
(Which ever is greater)

Total Ads Spend Monthly Seperately

No contract, No setup fee.

Buyer or Seller Leads

Database Retargeting

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Ads

What is LEADROI?

LEADROI is a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in proven Real Estate lead generation and conversion campaigns. We drive traffic to proven funnels, and leverage

Our Process

When you select a plan and tap the “Get Started” button on this site, you will fill out a simple questionnaire to select your budget and the type of clients you want to focus on (Buyers or Sellers or Both).
Within 48 hours, we will schedule an onboarding call to discuss your campaigns and answer any questions you have about the process.
We’ll setup all your accounts and ad campaigns, and you’ll start receiving leads within the next 48 hours.

Transparency & Accountability

Every penny of your budget goes directly to your ad campaigns. You will be charged directly from Facebook or Google. You’ll also get a detailed report every month from us showing exactly how your budget was spent and the results we produced. Because we only charge you a small 20% management fee, your results and your growth is the only way we can succeed. We grow together.

Should I Focus On Buyers OR Sellers?

As your agency, we will help you get whatever type of clients you want, wherever your market is, whatever your budget is. There are pros and cons with both buyers and sellers, especially when it comes to new lead generation.


Generate more leads on a smaller budget.
Shorter cash conversion cycle.
Require less skills to close.
Require more of your time to close deals.
More unqualified opportunities.
Less skill to close.


Require less of your time to close.
​Listings generate buyer leads.
​Distressed or Motivated sellers can shorten the cash conversion cycle.
Higher cost per lead, requires more budget.
Usually longer cash conversion cycle.
Require more skill to close.


Is there a contract?

No. We have a month-to-month agreement.

How much does it cost?

We have a minimum $200 management fee for ad spend up to $1,000. Once your ad spend exceeds $1,000, the management fee is 20% of your ad spend. For example if you spend $1,500 on ads, your management fee would be $300.

Where do my leads go?

Leads appear in your Buyer or Seller Pipeline in your AttractROI CRM. You will receive a text message and email notifications, as well as a live transfer call to connect you with your new leads immediately. Then automated contacting campaigns will trigger and assist you in contacting and converting your new leads.

Will you do retargeting?

We recommend retargeting for your new leads and database to dramatically increase conversion. We recommend budgeting $100 for retargeting every 1,000 leads in your database.

What are you doing to optimize my campaigns?

Unlike other agencies and lead providers, we continually monitor your campaigns and make optimization adjustments 3 times per week! You’ll have complete transparency into and reports for your campaigns’ performance.

Can I update or pause my budget?

Yes. you can change your budget at any time.

How long will it take to get setup and running?

It takes about 4 business days to get everything setup: install your pixel, setup your tracking, create your ad campaigns, setup retargeting, connect your CRM and automated follow up campaigns, lead notifications and optimization schedule.